Apr 10, 2011

new releases Page.One

And for my own new stuff I forget to do some advertisement also....
Well I have some new stuff in store, little things, but so nice I think and very usefull while scrappin!
Look what's in store!

I made 12 artjournal monthpapers on A4 format for all your hybrid projects, artjournaling etc.
They can be used in digital artjournaling projects also!

 And then a corky alpha, nice and neutral and fits so many LO's!

For your journaling, 98 different markers to highlight a word a phrase etc...

Feeling puzzled? Not with this alpha!

A nice collection of page accents to draw the attention to that particular part of your LO!
 Hope to see you soon in store!!
I have some nice dscount on most of my new products, so if you want to get some benefit, hush hush!! :)

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